Friendly Team

Opened in 2018 ... TheFoodresearch is a revolution in Los Angeles food industry.
Our Italian friendly Team offer to you amazing Food.
We love make people happy with our Pizza and pasta.
We ready for any event !

How did you guys start ?

Like a game!

Chef Paolo is working 21 years in the culinary industry.
We start to have this big passion for Neapolitan pizza.
So we build our wood fire oven.

How your Oven can make such a amazing Pizza?


Our oven has been built by a professional Welder and contractor under our supervision using refractory bricks, respecting all the Neapolitan credential, is over there that the magic happen.

How you guys prepare yourself for big events and for who you guys cook for ?

Paolo: For us is very simple now. we took serveral classes in Naples and in different workshops in  Italy and U.S.A before to start all this.
My experience that is over 21 years in the culinary now it went in this direction, i felt a true love for the real pizza, for us is passion, is a lifestyle, is put people togheter and make them smile with great food. WE Cook for the best movies in Hollywood, were we serve our pizza too.
The response was incredible, so we start to believe in a possibility.
This is how ThefoodResearch was born. A big thanks goes to our Friend MIKE KEHOE, producer, actor, musician, and great man, that made all this happen.

For what kind of customers you guys cook?

Gennaro: We cook mostly for everybody.
We work mainly with Motion Picture Television and Studios,
But we also serve any kind of event or party : like Birthdays, Private Parties, Commercials, Grand openings, Weddings, and like our pizzaiolo Julio says : “Divorce parties” too 🙂

What you guys want to say to people that want to try your pizza at home?

Paolo: have us is  not something really common to have. We bring a full Show to you with our Italian music background, our acrobatic pizzaiolo and is going to be a  secure show.
We take care of the Calories too! We make happy anyone with pizza gluten free and vegan. All the people are going to be impressed by all this.